The Return of Queen B

I think my addiction may have returned.

No, not my addiction to Audrey Hepburn or orange marmalade or beef shawarma—this one precedes all three. Need a hint? Two words: Gossip Girl.

This December will mark two years since the mystery blogger was revealed (Dan Humphrey, really?), thus ending our affair in Manhattan with our favorite Upper-Eastsiders. However, the glory days must not be forgotten and, every so often, I find myself revisiting Dan and Serena’s wedding or episodes where the bitchy yet loyal Blair Waldorf reminds us why she is Queen B. Sorry, Beyoncé. Sorry, Lorde.

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If I had to describe my style in high school, it was definitely Waldorf-esque. In fact, I still have my collection of eccentric headbands that I donned on a daily basis. Thankfully, I’ve toned it down a bit. I wear headbands only when necessary (i.e. working out, when my bangs are uncooperative,) and my style now borders between tomboy chic and Hepburn glam.

Oh, but Blair Waldorf will always be in my heart. So why not give an ode to the true Queen B? Let’s begin.

1. Breakfast with Blair
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Blair channels Audrey Hepburn’s portrayal of Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I recommend the movie and the short story by Truman Capote that inspired it!

2. Floral Fascination
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Among all bold patterns (insect, fruit, vegetable,) floral is THE timeless edition to any wardrobe.

3. Pattern Play
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It looks like Ms. Waldorf shares my love for pattern play.

4. Queen B Takes Over
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Aww, who could forget this episode? Dan takes Blair to the MET steps. Blair is dressed like this. Instant commotion! She finally got to live out her dream of being princess.

Talk about chic! Blair has been turning heads since episode one. Whether disobeying Constance’s dress code or attending some ritzy event far away from the hoi polloi, her style inspired many of my outfits…and dress code misdemeanors.

We may be coming close to the two year anniversary of the Gossip Girl series finale, but there’s one thing that will never be over: my admiration for Queen B’s style…AKA the first stage in my style evolution. Thank you, Blair!

Oh, and did I mention she also gave sound advice? If you leave with one thing, leave with this:

“Here’s my advice—have a little faith, and if that doesn’t work

have a lot of mimosas.”

Style On,

Sierra Cortner