Butter Me Up

I’m not one to get overly excited about beauty products, especially in comparison to clothing and accessories. However, I can’t help but boast that I’ve found the best polish ever. Ever.

Now that I think about it, nail art is basically an accessory. When partnered with a great outfit, a manicure will take your look to the next level. Just ask nail artist Madeline Poole who has worked on Miley Cyrus’s nails.

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Watch the interview with Poole at teenvogue.com. Her work is superb.

All throughout high school I used OPI and Essie. Both are great brands, but recently I discovered a polish that outlasted my favorite colors from these high school brands: Butter.

My favorite color from Butter thus far is Jack the Lad–this shimmery, deep green shade. It goes with practically everything I’ve worn this summer!

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This is what my nails looked like after four days of use:

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With OPI and Essie, the polish on at least two nails would be majorly chipped by this time. 😦

The second color I’m obsessing over at the moment is called Bumster…crazy name, huh? And even crazier is how gorgeous this light gold polish is.

Screen Shot 2014-08-02 at 8.30.23 PM

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Although you are probably concentrating on that delicious morsel I’m holding, I am on the left sporting Bumster after one week. By this time, only one nail had color chipping. Only one. With a name like Bumster, who would have known?

So, I suppose there is a time to take a break from fashion…and shine a light on beauty products, of course. Butter is THE must have back-to-school beauty product. I can’t wait to try even more colors, which I will happily blog about. Starting the school year with fab friends, great nails, and a new favorite product? Now, I think that is something worth celebrating.

Style On,

Sierra Cortner


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